Hotel Location

Satisfy all your dining needs without leaving the neighborhood

Satisfy all your dining needs without leaving the neighborhood
Perfect Location

Perfectly located in front of Pasteurs Toll-road, Bandung Trade Center, University of Maranatha and Bandung International School. With more than fifty restaurant and hundreds small cafetaria, one can easily, satisfy all their dining needs without leaving the neighborhood.

Easy Access
Cahaya Laju Lestari was founded in 2004 to manage and maintain The Cherry Homes Hotel and Residence. We have more than 25 years of combined management expe rienced within our staff. Our philosophy is to provide an affordable living place for students, professional and anyone that is away from their home with an excellence level service that close to hotel service level.
Due to market demand, we have converted one of our most luxurious wing to become a full fledged hotel. Thanks to Mr. Dada Rosada, our current city Mayor, whose has been helping us to complete city license process, all the licenses permit was obtained within less than 7 working days. (Our company maintained the full required permit, such as: SIMB/HO/TDP/SIPUK)